41. MKE – Hoptoberfest

What a bad sports weekend for me.

Crying Tebow? Entirely relevant.

First, I was excited that the Nationals were able to force a game 5 against the Cardinals.  But then, on Friday night, they managed one of the most crushing losses I’ve seen in quite some time.  They were up 6-0, let the Cardinals back in it and then were up 7-5 in the 9th.  Sadly, Drew Storen had a meltdown (in easily the most important game of his career) and gave up 4 runs in the top of the 9th.  Crushing loss.  Then on Sunday, the Patriots crapped out against the Seahawks.  I hear the Seahawks are supposed to be decent this season, but I can’t grasp that concept.  The AFC East is a barrel of mediocrity this season as the Jets and Patriots will be battling it out for first place in a division that has 4 teams at 3-3.  Sad, very sad.

On to the beer.  It makes me happy.

Milwaukee Brewing – Hoptoberfest

Sight:  A nice welcoming copper color.

Smell:  Malty aroma, with a light biscuity smell mixed in.  Lots of grassy hops to brighten things.

Taste:  A nice malty sweetness throughout laying a nice groundwork for this Oktoberfest.  The biter grassy hops sneak in toward the end and leave you with a light slightly clingy finish.

My overall grade:  B

Likely to be my last Oktoberfest, this beer from MKE was quite tasty.  A nice ending to the season.

Two Brothers – Oh Brother!

Sight:  Bright orange color with a light thin head

Smell:  It’s definitely a Belgian style.  Subtle cloves with a bright fruitiness.

Taste:  Creamy with a powerful malty sweetness and a mix of light dried fruits.  Very bright and very good.

My overall grade:  A-

Another of Two Brothers’ 15th Anniversary beers that was definitely worth bringing back.  A very good tripel.

Now, I’m off to hope for a better sports weekend. (maybe the Yankees will be eliminated tonight!)