Oh. Hello there.

I have a bunch of updates (since it’s been a few weeks), so I’m throwing them all together into this one bullet-point-like post. I’ll try and avoid being boring.  It’s been a fairly hectic few weeks.  I’m going to boil it down to a few major points, so I don’t end up rambling on and on.

Read on!

– Festiv-Ale was awesome!
Great food, great beer, great people!  It was packed full of people, but it was never too packed to feel you couldn’t get a tasty beverage when you wanted.  Also, buying a VIP ticket was well worth the cost.  It allowed me to get in an hour early and get first dibs on some of the rarer beers.  And the delicious food.  Shining stars:  Flossmoor Station’s smoked porter, Solemn Oath’s Whisper Kisses, and Lagunitas Day Time IPA was a nice surprise.  Also, the short ribs from Wildfire were incredible!

– Brewed again!
Met with a friend to brew and I’ve got high hopes for this beer.  It started out with the standard stout recipe that Pyzocha and I had used for our Vanilla Stout.  Peated malts were worked into the mix and figs and butternut squash were added late in the boil.  Fermentation started a little angrily (the airlock was blown out of the carboy), but order has been restored and the bottling should be happening soon.  It’s like a Christmas Dinner Stout.

-Paddy Long’s Bacon Pairing!
I went to a bacon and beer pairing at Paddy Long’s.  Yes.  A bacon and beer pairing.  It was so good.  Local and house-made bacons (including jowl bacon, which was fantastic) paired up with seasonal craft beers.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

– Frequenting Sheffield’s!
I’ve been able to go to Sheffield’s quite frequently in the past few weeks, and I really love that place.  Their BBQ is incredible.  Sitting around eating delicious food and enjoying some of the best available local and far-reaching craft beers is a good way to kill a few hours.  Also, the Victory Old Horizontal from 2005 I had there on Sunday, was well worth the wait.

I haven’t been drinking too much bottled beer lately (due to my going to Sheffield’s).  But don’t you worry.  I’ll be stopping into Binny’s this week and I’ll get back to my regular format soon.