366 Beers – Update

Some of you know about a lofty endeavor that a couple guys from JStreetBeer and I have undertaken.  It’s the 365 Beers in a Year Challenge, which this year ended up being 366.

The point of the challenge is to try new beers; a new one for every day, to be exact.

The rules are simple:

  1. For a beer to count on the list, it has to be the first time you’ve ever had it.
  2. You must have at least 4oz of the beer for it to count.  So, samplers and flights will work, but you can’t take a sip from a friend’s glass and count it.
  3. Variations of a beer can be counted.  For example, you can count Anchor Christmas multiple times since each year the recipe changes.  Pour styles count too, if you have a regular beer and then its cask version, or barrel-aged variant, you can count them all.  Basically, we rely on untappd.com to settle disputes.

We’re a little over halfway through the year and we’re rolling along.  Shintern and I are about a month ahead of schedule.  DK, sadly, is having a tough time keeping pace.  Currently, we’re at day 199 of 2012.  I’ve worked my way through 224 different beers so far this year, Shintern is at 241, and DK is at 110.

If you’re interested in seeing the list of beers that I’m enjoying, feel free to friend me on untappd.com, my user is jtonzi.  I’ll friend you back; I enjoying seeing what others are drinking.

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