30. Dogfish Head – Festina Peche

As you’re reading this, I’m on a plane heading to America’s Hat (Canada).  Of course, I’m assuming that you’re reading it right when it posted.  And obviously you are, because I’m sure you were just chompin’ at the bit to hear about my latest endeavors in beer-drinking.  No?  Well, I’m probably already in Canada then.

This week I’m off to Whistler!  For work.  So no gondola rides for this guy.  Although, I’ll definitely be trying to head on up.  My hope is that at some point I’ll find myself way up on the mountainside looking down at the little village below, enjoying an ice cold beer, wishing my wife and daughter were with me (yes, I’ll miss my ladies, though I probably won’t miss the interrupted sleep).

I’ve started my research into beers and bars in the area, I’m just not sure what kind of free time I’ll have.  Hopefully I’ll have a post full of Whistler beers for ya.

If you have any suggestions for beers to drink or bars to visit in the Whistler area, let me know!

Dogfish Head Festina Peche

Sight:  Pale yellow in color, nearly clear, with a nice bubbly white head

Smell:  Lots of fruit, peaches, a little sourness mixed in there

Taste:  Light and crisp and very refreshing.  It’s very carbonated and leaves your mouth a little tingly.  It’s tart and has a subtle peach undertone.

My overall grade:  B

A nice, refreshing summer beer.  It’s making me feel like I should get on a sour beer kick soon.

Uinta Labyrinth

Sight:  Black like old motor oil with a thick brown head

Smell:  Coffee and licorice mostly.  There’s a bourbon oaky smell with a slight sourness mixed in.

Taste:  Big.  Very big.  It’s malty and heavy with black licorice and bourbon.  It crushes your taste buds with flavor, but then settles gently in the finish with a light booze burn.

My overall grade:  A-

Delicious beer.  I had seen this guy many, many times at the Whole Foods on P Street in DC.  For some reason, I always overlooked it.  Maybe it was the fact it’s from Salt Lake City (Utah has some odd liquor laws), or maybe it was the little cartoon guy (top-tier beers don’t have goofy cartoons on them).  Either way, I was keeping myself from having a great beer.  Don’t make the same mistake.

Now, I’m off to wait in line at customs.

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