25. Left Hand – Smoke Jumper

Well, I missed another week.  I have good reason, seriously I do.

It was vacation time for me and my family.  We headed down to Jupiter Island in Florida.  It was fantastic.  It was a greatly needed break in a nice, hot and sunny climate.  I mean, look at that picture!

While down in Florida, I attempted to turn it into a bit of a beer trip.  So, I got whatever Cigar City products I could find.  I made sure I picked up the build-your-own 6 pack at Whole Foods.  I also visited the local brewery.

Tequesta Brewing Company was great!  If you happen to find yourself in that area, make sure you stop in.  It’s a pretty nice set up.  They have a long bar leading you deep into the establishment.  At the back is the brewery.  We sat back there on the couches with the huge stainless steel fermenters watching us, judging us.

We were greeted with this wonderful sight:

The sampler is the way to go.  You get to try out their 3 staples: Terminally Ale, Gnarly Barley, and Der Chancellor.  They also set you up with their 3 rotating beers:  something light, something heavy, and something completely random.

Every beer was great!  They’re doing nice work over there.

Starting with this week, I’m going to run 2 beers each week.  Since Two Brothers is going through their 15 beers, I’m going to try and get each one of them.  So, this week I have the Left Hand Smoke Jumper and the Two Brothers Bonfire.

Smoke Jumper:

Sight:  Dark brown, nearly black with a nice thick brown head

Smell:  Smoky and sweet aroma.  It was like being at a barbeque

Taste:  Surprisingly light with a mild malty sweetness.  There was little to no bitterness to be found.  It had an odd aftertaste that I had trouble placing

My overall grade:  C

I read great things about this beer, but it ended up disappointing.  Everything was great until the aftertaste, which kinda makes me think that something was off with the bottle I got.  I’ll give you another try Smoke Jumper, but I’ll be very skeptical.

Two Brothers 15th Anniversary Beer #2 – Bonfire:

Sight:  Reddish brown, ruby undertones, with a thin tan head

Smell:  Wheat, definitely a hefe-style beer

Taste:  Creamy, malty, with a mild Belgian yeast tanginess to it.  A nice lightly sweet finish

My overall grade:  A

This beer was delicious!  It reminded me of the Weihenstephan Hefe-Dunkel (one of my all-time favorites).  It made me a little nostalgic.

Now, I’m gonna go send Cigar City a letter asking them to distribute up here.

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