24. Two Brothers – Red Eye

Well, good afternoon!  How are you today?  I hope all is well.

This week has been fairly quiet, so I’ll be taking this time to rant a bit about the Red Sox.


The Red Sox have been playing awful this season.  We’re a few weeks in and they can’t seem to get their act together.  Their offense looks okay.  They’re putting up a lot of runs and making it difficult for teams to beat them (or so you would think).  Their defense is great.  They’re actually the best team in baseball in fielding.  They only have a couple errors and their fielding percentage is nearly perfect.  So what’s wrong?


They have the worst team ERA in baseball.  IN BASEBALL!  Not worst in their division, or even worst in their league, but WORST IN BASEBALL!  What happened?  Maybe Bobby Valentine should let them enjoy their chicken and beer in the bullpen.  Who cares?

Speaking of Bobby Valentine… I hate the guy.  Already he’s stirring up trouble in the clubhouse.  He calls out Youkilis to the media, saying that he’s lazy (or something to that affect).  This of course confused Youkilis and caused Pedroia to come out and defend him.  Bobby Valentine needs to watch his step or he’ll be looking for another job.  I really hate him.  In fact, I think I’ve always hated him.  He was aggravating when he was managing the Mets and I couldn’t stand listening to him on ESPN.  It was nice when he was in Japan, you never had to hear or see him.  Although, there was that one time he was caught in the dugout with a fake mustache; that was funny.

So, the Red Sox are now tasked with sorting out their pitching debacle.  Something I hope they sort out soon.

Side note:  tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of Fenway.  If you’re near Boston, it may be a good day to spend in the city.

This week I had the pleasure of drinking the Two Brothers Red Eye.

Sight:  Black.  Completely.  A nice creamy tan head that stuck around for a long time.

Smell:  Coffee.  Lots of coffee.

Taste:  Surprisingly light in the mouthfeel.  A lot of coffee flavor, but not overpowering.  A mild chocolate with a slightly bitter finish.  Ended quite clean for how big and dark this beer is.

My overall grade:  A-

From the bottle:

Red Eye Porter is the first of our 15 archive recipes we will brew to celebrate our 15th anniversary.  Red Eye debuted in the Spring of 2009 and quickly won acclaim from the public and press alike.  We brewed it a second time, which was the last time we made it, in the fall of 2009.

Since then it has easily become the most requested beer for us to bring back (like almost every day).  So, we hope you enjoy the start of our fun 2012 project.

This beer is great!  Happy Anniversary to Two Brothers.  I’m looking forward to the other 14 beers to sneak out of the archives.

I’m off to dust off my Youkilis jersey.

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  1. pyzocha

     /  April 19, 2012

    They have twice as many wins through 12 games as they did last year…not the last year turned out great.


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