23. Lakefront – Organic ESB

Oh my aching limbs.

I finally got back to Ultimate Frisbee this week.  An activity that I had been a part of for about 15 years, but hadn’t participated in during the past year (babies are surprisingly needy).  So, I got back on the horse.  I joined a league that isn’t exactly Ultimate Frisbee, it’s called Goaltimate.  It fit in my schedule and was relatively close to home.

Goaltimate is an interesting game.  It’s basically half-court Ultimate.  Or, for those familiar, it’s like a big game of Box.  Games only last an hour, but they’re non-stop.  Subbing is done on-the-fly and the person who makes a mistake is the one to head to the bench.  So, if you want to stay on the field, don’t screw up.  But, if you’re exhausted, you may want to consider turfing one.

I had a blast my first time out, and actually have a game again tonight.  The only downside is that after mostly sitting around for a year, my legs weren’t thrilled with the idea of running.  I spent a couple days hobbling around wishing my body was about 5 years younger.  Oh well.  I guess after a few more weeks of this I’ll be in good shape… er, decent shape… well, better shape.  Yeah.

This week I enjoyed the Lakefront Organic ESB.

Sight:  Bright copper

Smell:  Subtle floral hops with a side order of biscuits

Taste:  A creamy maltiness throughout with a mild bitter hoppiness and a dry finish.  It has a nice soft mouthfeel.

My overall grade:  B+

This beer was very easy to drink and tastes delicious.  Nothing overly crazy, just a nice beer to relax and enjoy.  I don’t know if the “organic” part really means anything to anyone, or even me.  Maybe the fact that it’s organic is what made it so good?  Maybe if it wasn’t organic it would be better?  I don’t know.  Just enjoy it for what it is.

I’m off to eat some Easter leftovers.

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