22. Arcadia – Sky High Rye

Up until I moved to Chicago I was cutting my own hair.  I know, it seems kinda silly, but I learned how to do it while I was in college and after that it just seemed dumb to spend nearly $40 a month to do something I could handle on my own.  Obviously my haircuts were never perfect, but for me, they were good enough.

Initially I had planned to keep up this method once I moved to Chicago, but our bathroom is a bit tight and cleanup would’ve been a huge hassle (have you ever had to get millions of tiny hairs out of a bath mat? I’m guessing no vacuum would ever be able to pull it off).  So, I began my search for a place to get my hair cut.

Now, where we live there are 3 or 4 places within a couple blocks.  They’re more “salon” than “barbershop”.  I tried one of them out.  My haircut was fine, but it ended up costing me about $45, which for my very uncomplicated hairstyle, seemed ridiculous.  Luckily, my sister-in-law found an actual barbershop not far from home (thanks, Caryn!).  So, I gave it a shot.  I’ve been going back ever since.

Belmont Barbershop is great.  The first time I walked in, I was pointed to the leather couches to sit while I waited and to the small refrigerator in the corner with various beers to choose from.  Honestly, drinking a beer while getting your hair cut is a very relaxing thing.  I was there this week and was able to sit on the leather couch, sip a Boulevard Dark Truth Stout and flip through a magazine while waiting for my time in the chair.  Great people, great beer, great haircut, plus it only cost $17.  Perfect.

This week, I enjoyed the Arcadia Sky High Rye.  I’m really starting to get into rye beers.  There’s that underlying spiciness in there that makes these beers a little extra complex.

Sight:  Bright golden in color, almost orange

Smell:  Big floral hops with an subtle citrus scent like oranges

Taste:  A soft, creamy mouthfeel with a bitter hop taste.  There’s a nice spiciness from the rye sneaking through.  The finish is quite bitter and a bit clingy.

My overall grade:  C+

A good beer, but it seemed to lean a little more toward the IPA spectrum than the rye side of things.  I think I would’ve wanted it to be a little spicier, but it was still quite tasty.

I’m off to admire my new haircut in the mirror.

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