19. Half Acre – Double Daisy Cutter

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of waiting outside in line in the cold. (pleasure?)  I was waiting outside Half Acre Beer Company waiting for the opportunity to pick up this year’s release of the Double Daisy Cutter. (ah, pleasure!)

I’m really starting to love Half Acre.  It’s a very small operation located only a few miles from my home.  The people working there are always very friendly and enjoy sharing the great beers they’re making.

A couple weeks ago I was able to visit the brewery with my brother and father.  We were taken around the small location, and given a quick private tour and learned a bit about their history.  My father showed quite a bit of interest, especially for someone who doesn’t really like craft beer.  Although, he did like The Hammer, The Bullet, & The Vice (Half Acre’s English Brown), so maybe there’s some hope for him yet. (Hi Dad!)

The line on Sunday wrapped around the corner, but everyone there was in high spirits.  It helped that people from Half Acre were providing coffee samples for everyone outside, and then Double Daisy Cutter samples once you made it inside.  They called it the Half Acre Speedball.  I called it all delicious.

So, I made it out of there with a few bombers and a growler of Double Daisy Cutter, which I’ll be sharing with a couple folks back in DC.  But first, here’s my quick and dirty review:

Sight:  Bright orange in color, slightly bronze with an opaque cloudiness.

Smell:  Big floral hoppy aroma, a little cut grass.

Taste:  A thick malty backbone that remains an undertone throughout.  It’s very hoppy and very bitter.  The finish fades out, surprisingly and leaves you with a mild boozy burn.

My overall grade:  B+

Was it worth the wait?  Yup.  It’s technically a pale ale, but it tastes closer to a double IPA.

I’m off to clean out my growler for the next fill-up.

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