18. Central Waters – Slainte and BRBBS

Well, I survived an incredibly crazy weekend.  Very busy, very eventful.

Quick rundown:

Thursday – Went to Brewers Unleashed over at MillerCoors HQ.  I gotta admit, this is an incredible event.  It’s very small and intimate.  You get to meet some interesting people (seriously, I shook hands with Tom Long, the CEO), and most importantly, you get to drink some fantastic beers.  This last time Sandlot and Hotcrackers brought in some one-of-a-kind stuff while nearby Lucky Monk made a guest appearance.  Sometimes the staff will brew their own beer and showcase it during the event.  I need to find a job where I can craft up some homebrew while on the clock (any Chicago breweries looking for new workers?).

Friday – It was my birthday.  Family made it in from the East Coast and helped me celebrate (hooray!).  I helped myself celebrate by busting open a Gift of the Magi.  Delicious.

Saturday – The most restful day of the weekend.  Although it was quiet, we still managed to find some time to get out to Half Acre to pick up a growler of The Hammer, The Bullet, and The Vise and a few bombers of their new Cipher (chances are good I’ll never figure out the code).

Sunday – My daughter’s baptism.  It was fairly hectic, but all went well.  She didn’t freak out during the ceremony and we went out to eat at a fantastic Greek place (Parthenon) in Greek Town.  Then I indulged in a Madame Rose later in the evening (See how I manage to sneak good beer in, even when I’m busy?  I consider it a talent).

Hopefully this coming weekend will be a little quieter.  I could use some extra sleep.

This week I have 2 beers from Central Waters out in Wisconsin.

First up is the Slainte, their Scottish Ale.

Sight:  Dark brown with a slight ruby color when under the light.  It has a nice tan head.

Smell:  It has a slight boozy aroma, mild vanilla, bourbon.

Taste:  Thick and malty flavor up front, it thins out quickly and transitions to a boozy bitter taste that finishes up malty and a little clingy.

My overall grade:  B-

I really enjoyed this beer.  It is a very nice Scottish Ale, fits well into the category.

Next we have the Brewers Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout, which is obviously right in my wheelhouse.

Sight:  Black in color with a creamy tan head

Smell:  Sweet bourbon aroma with a touch of oak.

Taste:  Malty and syrupy throughout, a little molasses and vanilla and a big boozy bourbon finish.

My overall grade:  B+

This was a tasty beer.  One that’s worth relaxing and savoring.  The flavors really come out as it sits and warms a bit.  This beer will probably be great if aged a bit.

Now, I’m gonna go take a nap.

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