17. Metropolitan – Flywheel, Iron Works, and Dynamo

Got another busy weekend ahead of me.  I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get a chance to relax. (Right.  With a 10 month old baby at home?  Not likely.)

First, (and most importantly, says my selfish side) tomorrow’s my birthday!  The only thing I need to worry about for tomorrow is what beer to have.  I have a bunch of hard to find beers kicking around my apartment that I’ll need to decide upon.  At this point, I’m leaning toward Madame Rose and Gift of the Magi (thanks Bret!).  Those two should make me a happy camper.  If you have any other suggestions for a beer (or type of beer) I should have instead of (or along with) the beers I mentioned, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email or message on twitter.

Second, (and obviously more important) Sunday my daughter’s getting baptized!  That’s right, after Sunday she’ll be sin-free; which will hopefully make her less cranky and let her sleep through the night.  (fingers crossed)

This week I was playing catch-up, so… I’ve got 3 beers for you.  It’s a Metropolitan Triple Play!

All of these beers happen to be lagers (which in a world full of craft beer ales, these are a bit harder to come by).  If you’re a huge Budweiser, Miller, or Coors fan… these will make a great replacement for your macro-obsession.

First the Flywheel.  This beer’s listed as their Bright Lager.  Which I’m guessing means it’s a bit lighter and clearer than their usual lager.

Sight:  Pale yellow and clear (just as the Bright Lager suggested)

Smell:  A nice mild citrusy hop aroma, with a little fruitiness mixed in.  Think strawberries or raspberries.

Taste:  It has a nice light flavor.  A little malty, a little hoppy.  It has a clingy finish, but it’s not harsh.

My overall grade:  B-

A solid beer that would be great on a summer day or just when you want something that’s fairly refreshing.

Second, the Iron Works.  This one’s listed as an Alt beer.  My (basic) understanding of an alt beer means it’ll be copper and color and a bit more bitter than your standard lager.

Sight:  Deep bronze in color (perhaps even copper) and crystal clear.

Smell:  A nice light citrus hop aroma.  There’s a little bit of grapefruit hiding in there.

Taste:  This had a nice malty flavor.  Not overpowering, but a good strong underlying sweetness.  It finished up fairly dry with a dull bitterness.

My overall grade:  B

Nice maltier beer to toss into the lager mix.

Last, the Dynamo; which is listed as their copper lager.  Based on the name, I would guess that it’s similar to the Flywheel, but a bit maltier.

Sight:  A nice bright, inviting golden color.

Smell:  There’s a light citrus aroma.  Very subtle, but definitely noticeable.

Taste:  It has a soft creamy mouthfeel that starts with a mild malty sweetness.  It gently fades into a light hoppy flavor that finishes up with a light bitterness.

My overall grade:  A-

The Dynamo was definitely my favorite of the 3.  I know what lager I’ll be sipping on this year.

Well, I better go get my nice dress shirt dry-cleaned.

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