16. Left Hand – Polestar Pilsner and Stranger

Well, the Super Bowl came and went.  It did not end up the way I wanted it to, but it was still a good game.  There are a couple plays that I wish I could change (I’m sure Pats fans, and many players feel the same), but what are ya gonna do?

I’ve managed to go through all five stages of grief in just a couple days, unlike the last Pats Super Bowl run where I fumed for weeks (maybe I’m growing up).

Denial – “NOOOOOO!”  Pretty sure I screamed that a few times.

Anger – (this one I’m leaving intentionally blank since my language wasn’t exactly family-friendly)

Bargaining – “If only Welker had caught that ball.”  I’m sure that’s still swirling through poor Welker’s head right now.

Depression – “I can’t believe this happened again.  We’ll never get back to the Super Bowl.”  That may very well be true, but it’s highly unlikely… unless you’re Miami (sucker punch to Bill).

Acceptance – “Oh well.  It’s just a game.”  Seriously.  I’m not getting paid for this.

So, it didn’t have the outcome I was hoping for, but it was a good game.

This week I’ll be sharing two tasty beers from Left Hand.  I’m finding their stuff to be quite solid.  They don’t make a beer that’s overly spectacular (outside of the Milk Stout, so far), but they’re all usually quite good.

First, the Polestar Pilsner.

Sight:  Pale yellow in color and crystal clear.  It’s definitely a pilsner.

Smell:  A light floral hop aroma, but nothing overpowering.

Taste:  The flavor is very light, perfect for a pilsner.  The downside is its clingy consistent bitterness.  It shows up early and doesn’t really want to go away.

My overall grade:  C

Next, The Stranger.

Sight:  Pale golden color with a slight cloudiness.

Smell:  Very floral hop aroma.

Taste: Flavor was great.  It has a malty sweetness at the start that gives way to a light spicy hop flavor.  There’s a thin bitterness toward the end, but it finishes up slightly sweet.

My overall grade:  B+

Like I said before, Left Hand puts together some nice beers.  I’ve never really been disappointed with them.

Now, it’s time to finally wash my Pats jersey.

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