13. Bridgeport – Hop Czar

Here comes another football related entry.  Sorry.  You’ll have to bear with me until the playoffs are over.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of heading back to DC for Pyzocha’s 30th birthday.  You may remember him from J Street Beer Review, where I was writing before this.  The surprise party was organized to be at RFD (our standard watering hole), and scheduled to begin about the beginning of the Patriots game.  With both of us being Patriots fans (and X being a Broncos fan), it worked out perfectly (for us… not X).

We made it to the bar in time to catch the tail end of the San Francisco – New Orleans game, which quickly turned into an instant classic.  All game long it was destined to be fairly boring.  Then, with about two minutes left, all hell broke loose.  Alex Smith manages to rush for a touchdown, putting SF up.  Then, Drew Brees works his way down field and tosses a touchdown.  I’m fairly certain everyone watching the game thought that would be the final.  I don’t think anyone thought the 49ers had the offense to score with only 1:37 left.  But they did it.  It was ridiculous.  85 yards in a minute and a half.  The bar went crazy!

Eat it Tim! (Getty Images)

It set us up for the next game, which the Patriots delightfully won.  However, I think we all stopped watching it at the half.  It was a blowout.  Sorry Timmy.

This week I went with something that was nearly impossible to find in DC: something from Bridgeport Brewing Company.  I found the Hop Czar, an Imperial IPA, and decided to give it a shot.

Sight:  Bright orange in color and opaque.  Almost like faded orange juice.

Smell:  Very hoppy and citrusy in the aroma with a slight fresh cut grass scent.

Taste:  Very bitter up front that transitioned into a mild malty backbone.  The malt was actually less than I expected for the style.  It faded into a light sweetness and then a lingering bitter hoppiness that didn’t seem to want to go away.

My overall grade:  C+

I was a bit disappointed with the Hop Czar.  I think I had high hopes because it was from Bridgeport.  I’ve definitely had better imperial IPAs.  Maybe next time Bridgeport.

Time for me to start warming up my “Baltimore sucks” chant.

Side Note:  You may notice the black ribbon on the upper right of this blog.  It’s my minor addition to the SOPA/PIPA protest.  Click here for a great video explanation.  Thanks.

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  1. Thanks again for traveling out for my birthday!


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