12. 5 Rabbit – 5 Rabbit

January is a great month if you’re a football fan.  You’ve got the college football bowl games and the beginning of the NFL playoffs.  It’s a time best spent in a local sports bar, staring at a big screen, drinking your favorite beers, and screaming about how you would be a much better coach than the one on the field.

For today’s post I’m going on a bit of a football rant.  I watched the NFL playoff games over the weekend and watched the BCS championship on Monday.  First I want to discuss the BCS championship.

It was LSU and Alabama, #1 and #2 (respectively).  It should have been a great game.  Instead, it was a game that most viewers were likely to turn off or fall asleep during.  Alabama won 21-0.  Now, you’re probably thinking it was an exciting 3 touchdowns.  No, it was 5 field goals and 1 touchdown (the kicker missed the extra point, along with a couple other field goals).  The only good thing happening for LSU was that their punter was able to showcase his skills for NFL scouts.

I hate you.

Three of the four NFL playoff games were equally unexciting.  The Saints made the Lions look like they shouldn’t have made the playoffs, the Texans made the Bengals look silly, and the Giants made a good Falcon offense disappear.  The only good game to watch was the Pittsburgh – Denver game; which leads me to my next rant.

I can’t stand Tim Tebow.  I’m sure 80% of the country is absolutely appalled by that statement, but it’s true.  I don’t think it’s his fault though.  I’m sure he’s a nice guy, maybe a bit too religious for my tastes, but nice nonetheless.  He plays hard; he’s probably a great teammate.  He even takes time to sign autographs for the kids.  I think my problem is actually with every sports outlet telling me that I should love him.  And not just telling me occasionally, but telling me ALL THE TIME.  ESPN can’t run a SportsCenter without mentioning him.  The local news can’t stop talking about him, and we’re in Bears country.  I think when people are done talking about him and his holy miracles then I’ll probably end up routing for the guy.  Until then, I hope the Broncos lose… and soon.

Since I had the 5 Lizard last week, I decided to stay in the same vein and went with the 5 Rabbit this time.  It’s the 5 Rabbit – 5 Rabbit from the Department of Redundancy Department!

Sight:  Light golden in color and sparklingly clear.  Very inviting.

Smell:  The aroma has a slightly malty sweetness to it, but it’s very mild.

Taste:  Very light flavor, it’s crisp and refreshing, it has a slight biscuit flavor with a mild bitterness toward the end.

My overall grade:  B

The 5 Rabbit is quite good.  It’s the kind of beer you can sit down and enjoy a lot of.  It’s doesn’t overwhelm and doesn’t make you feel miserable if you have a few.  Not a bad choice for a party or a hot summer day.

I’m off to prep for this weekend.  GO PATS!!!

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