8. Three Floyds – Robert the Bruce

Mass transit.  It’s convenient and it’s good for the environment.

image: chicago-answers.com

Chicago has a fairly extensive mass transit system and I’ve tried it all.  Subway, elevated train, commuter train, bus, and even cabs.  All of it is easy to use… as long as you know what you’re doing.

Since I’m new here, I like to go with the “I’ll just hop on this [bus or train] and see if it gets me where I’m going” method.  In most cases it works.  The buses tend to stay on one main street, unlike DC where any given bus can end up pretty much anywhere.  So the buses are fairly predictable, but you have to plan out a lot of transfers if you’re going somewhere that isn’t directly north, south, east, or west of you.  The trains work around the Loop.  It’s called the Loop, from what I can tell, for obvious reasons.  Most trains head toward downtown Chicago, go around the Loop, and head back out the way they came (brown, pink, orange, and purple).  The green line just touches half the Loop.  The red and blue lines just do their own thing and run through the Loop.

A few things I’ve learned about the mass transit here:

  • The red line is a subway in downtown Chicago and elevated when outside of downtown.  This information would’ve been useful when I found myself looking up while trying to find the entrance to the Jackson stop.  After going past it twice I realized that the entrance was just a set of stairs going downward.
  • If you miss your stop, make sure you get off at a transfer point to go back.  In DC, if you miss your stop, you just get off at the next one and head back.  You can’t always do that in Chicago.  If you don’t get off at a transfer point, you may have to completely exit the station and re-enter on the other side.  This is a hit to both your wallet ($2.25) and your pride (idiot!).
  • The rear door on extended buses is there to aggravate you to no end.  The little label says “Place Hand Here To Open”.  Oh, you place your hand there.  You even give it a little push. Does it open?  Noooo.  Maybe the bus driver is just messing with you.
  • North Sheridan Road is a figment of your imagination.  In one area, the same street is N Sheridan, N Lake Shore Dr, N Lakeview Ave, and N Marine Dr.  In another area N Sheridan becomes N Sheffield, and it even turns a corner and turns into W Devon Ave.  N Broadway even turns into N Sheridan.  You could drive straight and be on 6 different roads at the same time.  The damn road even goes into Wisconsin!  But that’s assuming you can manage to stay on it.

This week I’m diving into the world of Three Floyds.  I had the Robert the Bruce, which seems to be readily available around here.  (fantastic!)

Sight:  Deep dark brown in color, with a slight reddish tint.  It has a thick creamy white head that sticks around for quite a while.

Smell:  The aroma is sweet and malty with a slight smokiness.

Taste:  The flavor is incredible.  It’s very thick and creamy with a nice rich, malty sweetness.  There’s a little chocolate and coffee thrown in to add to its depth.  Perfect sweet caramel throughout.  Only a little bitter hop to maintain the balance.  It finishes up with a slight alcohol burn to warm you up on a cold evening.

My overall grade:  A

The Robert the Bruce is incredible.  And now that the temperature is dropping, it’ll be perfect for those cold winter nights.

I’m off to find an atlas.

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