7. Two Brothers – Northwind

I’m a bit beat up this week.

I hadn’t been to the gym in over a year and it was definitely time to get back into the swing of things.  I was trying to decide whether I wanted to join the gym at my office or find somewhere else to work out when my wife suggested the LA Boxing gym down the street.

She joined a couple weeks ago and seemed to be enjoying the workouts, so I figured what the heck.  I checked out the schedule and kickboxing seemed to line up conveniently with my free time.  So I headed in, hoping that I wouldn’t have someone twice my size as an opponent.

I’m now 2 sessions in and luckily my only opponent has been a punching bag.  However, that punching bag has managed to cover my legs in bruises (although, that’s probably because I don’t know how to kick).

The punching bag is the kindest part of the workout, and those bruises don’t hold a candle to the beating I’ve received from the trainers.  After an hour of running, jumping, crawling, rolling, hopping, and diving exercises to go along with my punching, kicking and kneeing, I’m just happy I can still move.

So, to help counteract all the calories I’ve burned, here’s the Northwind from Two Brothers.

The Northwind is Two Brothers’ winter release.  It’s a big, dark, malty imperial stout that’s designed to warm up your cold winter nights.

Sight:  Black.  Entirely.  It’s like old motor oil.

Smell:  A very mild coffee aroma, nothing too overpowering.

Taste:  Sweet and malty.  It has a slightly bitter taste, like old coffee.  Not much in the way of hops.  It’s surprisingly light in the finish, and doesn’t have any alcohol burn which was a little surprising since it’s up over 9% ABV.

My overall grade: B+

The Northwind is quite tasty and it’s definitely worth a try, but it seemed to be missing some of the complexities you would expect in an imperial stout.

I’m off to ice my shins.

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  1. Sounds….ummm…..fun….yeah…fun


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