3. Central Waters – Satin Solstice

Oh happy day!  We have a couch!

It’s been a sad state of affairs at Chez Tonzi for the past month.  We’ve been couch-less.  It’s not as bad as being actually homeless, but it’s still pretty bad.  A house isn’t a home without a comfortable couch.  There’s a deep sense of emptiness (literally… the living room’s empty).

Sitting in front of the TV isn’t an enjoyable experience if you’re stuck sitting on a dining room chair.  My skinny rear end falls asleep in about 20 minutes on a dining room chair.  How am I supposed to enjoy an episode of Parks and Rec, let alone Person of Interest, if my butt’s asleep before the show’s over?  But don’t worry folks, those days are behind us!


The Klyne sofa… with chaise lounge (it’s pronounced “shay”, by the way.  Don’t let a Crate and Barrel salesperson catch you screwing that one up, they’ll toss you right out).

Finally a place to rest and enjoy some TV, as long as my daughter says it’s okay.  She tends to voice her disapproval at various degrees through screaming, crying, and fart noises (that’s Daddy’s girl!).

Now that I have a comfy couch, I just need to find a place to rest my beer.

This week it was the Central Waters Satin Solstice, an imperial stout out of Amherst, Michigan.

It had been a while since I had a decent stout.  This beer was recommended to me by the good people at Rocks in Lakeview.

Sight:  Deep brown in color and maintains a light chocolate colored head.

Smell:  This one had a surprisingly big aroma.  Lots of chocolate and coffee.  There was a little raisin hiding out in there with a creamy malt undertone.

Taste:  The flavor was huge, as it should be with an imperial stout.  Lots of coffee and chocolate amongst the sweet malty taste.  A mild alcohol burn that wasn’t too overpowering.  The finish was a little disappointing.  It has that coffee-sitting-in-the-carafe-all-day kind of flavor in the finish.

My overall grade:  B

It was definitely a tasty beer, but I’ve had better imperial stouts.  I wouldn’t say no to it if the Satin Solstice was offered to me.

Also, today is International Stout Day.  So, if you have the opportunity, make sure you raise one of these or the many other stouts out there, for #StoutDay!

Side note:  This Saturday I’ll be attending the Beer Hoptacular beer tasting.  I’ll report back my findings!

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